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If you’ve never worked with a marketing professional, it can be hard knowing exactly what they can do for you and your team. Hopefully browsing some of my projects will help you understand what to expect when you sign on to work with me. I can provide both White Label and Ghostwritten pieces for you and your brand.

Contact me to find out more. I’m happy to answer any questions that come up.

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It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I have a closet full of hats - as in, I wear a lot of them when it comes to topics. From B2B, SaaS, Web3 and Blockchain, Tech, B2C, Entertainment, and what's trending in pop culture, I've done it all. Under my name, and as a ghost writer. There's nothing that's too off-limits, or complex. I love a challenge and maintaining a brand's unique voice.

You can also head over to my blog to see more examples of what I'm happy to write about. 

Who holds the currency-min.webp

Originally posted on the Grindery blog.

In order for Web3 to work and succeed, we, the individual, need to be the ones holding the money. But are we?

Do we need wallet authentication-min.webp

Originally posted on the Grindery blog.

Do crypto wallets still make sense as the only way to facilitate authentication on Web3? Or are we living in an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it world?"

Collapsing Crypto exchanges-min.jpeg

Collapsing Crypto Exchanges Are Making Web3 Better

Originally posted on the Grindery blog.

The collapse of centralized crypto platforms like Celsius, Voyager, 3AC, and FTX, are making the case for Web3 even stronger.

Data Privacy on Black-Golden Watch Face with Closeup View of Watch Mechanism..jpeg

Originally posted on Intertec International

ISO 27001 certification has been available for some time, but recently, it’s gained traction and is enticing information technology companies to seek their ISO certification, not only to to secure their own data, but to also for compliance reasons, lower their potential costs from future security incidents, and achieve the competitive advantage that your certification offers over your competition.


8 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Website

Ghostwritten on

Your website is a customer’s first point of contact with you and your brand - you need to get it right, and you need to do it now. Perhaps you’re just starting out in the business world, or you’re a SaaS with miles on the odometer, but your site traffic is down. Either way, your website probably needs a tune-up.


Originally posted on Aspiration Marketing

Whether you’re a recruiter, in sales, someone who periodically archives their contacts to clean up their connections list, or just someone who likes to keep their own personal Google Doc of business contacts offline, you probably are an old hand at downloading your LinkedIn connections data.

Double exposure of business man hand working on blank screen laptop computer on wooden des

Originally posted on Aspiration Marketing

There is an endless number of tools available to make the setting up and running of your startup easier and less stressful.


Originally posted on

The shipping industry has seen more goods than ever passing through the various supply chain channels, and 3PLs, shippers, and others have found themselves in a position where they can be selective about what freight they actually want to take on.


Medium Article

The majority of the depictions of artificial intelligence throughout Hollywood history haven’t been all that reassuring. Story after story warns us that anything we artificially create will eventually turn on us and be our ultimate undoing as an act of hubris and morality.


Originally posted on TheCHIVE

Frankly, old-school European Christmas sounds more like Halloween than a happy holiday. But, why do these monsters haunt Europe and not America? There’s an interesting reason.


Originally posted on TheCHIVE

When it comes down to films that leave more questions than they answer, in the top ten is going to be Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

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